My Wife suggested I call Dr Cohen after I came to the realization that I was suffering from depression . My wife has been a patient of Dr Cohens for years and thinks very highly of her . Since my wife works in the medical field and used to work in mental health I value her opinion greatly . I would not be disappointed. Dr Cohen is as great a healthcare professional as my wife suggested . I found it very easy to share and explain my condition. Dr Cohen not only offered insight and medication , but trough the results of genetic testing she determined that I was not able to process important nutrients property. The genetic testing not only helped with supplements , but also helped zero in on the medications that would work best for me . I have been thoroughly impressed with Dr Cohens approach and care .

Very Grateful


Teri Callender counseled me for nearly a year after suffering a bad car accident. My anxiety level became nearly debilitating, and I seriously considered quitting driving completely. I was immediately struck by how easy it was to talk with her, despite my heightened anxiety. Over the months, her common-sense wisdom and a slightly revised prescription schedule gave me the confidence to largely overcome my fear of driving.  And she also provided me with techniques to navigate other stressful areas of my life as well.  I will always be grateful to her for her professionalism and empathy.


Not only was Dr. Bixler exceedingly kind and patient, she explained the medication to me in a concise and easy to understand way. She worked with me to get the dosages right and told me what to expect throughout the whole process. She was very professional and she came across as warm and trustworthy. In the end we were able to pare down the medication to only what was truly needed. I really appreciated her approach to medicine and patient care!

Dr. Dring did a fantastic job helping me through my anxiety and depression. But what’s more important, is that she taught me some fantastic, practical tools for managing any future problems. Learning biofeedback and breath control to soothe anxiety has been a game changer. I am truly grateful for Dr. Dring’s expertise and guidance.

Thank you to you both!


These compassionate doctors are responsive

& knowledgeable. I feel very safe in their care.

Sara M

Dr. Cohen is absolutely amazing! Caring, compassionate and full of so much knowledge! She understands and truly listens! Highly recommend her!

Lynn H

Dr. Cohen is an extraordinary Psychiatrist who worked patiently and successfully to help me. I recommend her without reservations.


Very hospitable, love the office a great person over-all who knows exactly what she is doing!

Bill E

Best in area. Knows her stuff and listens. Has published a lot.

Now Approved For Treating Adolescents

Neurostar TMS therapy has received FDA approval for treatment of adolescent depression!

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